Can I make Money Online in Pakistan and in America ?

How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan by Typing

A lot of people are waiting of chance about online earning by TYPING but they don’t get any helpful information , techniques ,mentorships .If you enjoy typing and content writing, you may make a nice living by working from home. You will need a FAST Internet connection and a Laptop or PC. Here are 5 tried-and-true ways to make money online in Pakistan by typing.Do you want to supplement your income by performing online work? So many people looking about online earning by typing but they don’t get any useful information and techniques. If you have the ability to type and write material, you may earn a lot of money working from home. A good internet connection and computer is must.. So now I’ll show you how to make money online in Pakistan simply typing.

Earn Money Online in Pakistan by Typing


Product Listing

A significant number of clients from all over the world use your services. Many clients from all over the world use different freelancers for product listing on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, ALIBABA, and so on.
Simply copy the data from their brand website or an Excel spreadsheet given by the client and paste it into the E-commerce listing area with the photos provided. By doing such projects people are making a lot f money.You can easily get these jobs from Freelance platforms like Fiver, Upwork , People per hour , , Turing etc.

Content Writing

“The storyteller is the most capable person on the planet,” If you have skills in content writing you can earn a lot of money online , as all of know that “ Content is King “. Content Writing is highest paying skill throughout the globe it will give you a great revenue by just writing through remote job , or by doing Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.For example, if you are interested in cricket, you may create a blog and write various articles on cricket to earn a limitless amount of money through advertising and blogging.


A large number of individuals have the expertise in speaking and writing and listening foreign languages, like French, Bengali, Russian. Especially students who go to other nations for study, work, or business. So if you know basics of any language you can work as a language translator. Upwork have a category for Translation gigs like from Russian to English , from Arabic to English , and many more.

Proofreading & Editing

If you have command on linguistics and glossary, English rules of Tenses, If you are done then a number of opportunities are here for you. You can make money through checking the mistakes in written text, rephrasing and revising services to a number of companies. A large number of people are hired by companies to review their web content, their business official papers, research papers, text books and many more.

Selling E-Book

A lot of individuals are making money they do not take action but instead let money comes to them on every purchase of their E-book online. If you love to write, write on a topic whatever you want, shocking or horror E-book, expertise, some interesting stories etc. And start selling your E-book. Once you write your E-Book and then, money will come to you on every purchase of your book

You can earn money by your E-Book on webs like Payhip , Amazon Kindle , Booktango , Feiyr , Smashwords , Blurd etc.

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