how to earn money from mistplay?

MISTPLAY: Play to earn rewards - Apps on Google Play

Are you Thinking about earning from online games like Mistpaly?

Is it legal or illegal?

Let us answer you. It’s true that you can easily earn money from mistplay.

After reading this report, you will learn how this game works, and this report also helps you regarding the decision to download this game.

Are you thinking about what an actual earning machine is?

Nowadays, expenditures are increased but, on the other hand, income does not increase. To meet expenditures, we need some side hustle. You can easily play this game on your smartphone while making points in a reward program that rewards users for utilizing the app.

Restriction of Mistplay:

It is only downloadable on an Android phone. I’m sorry for Apple users.


Start making money, and keep the focus on gaining “units” that lead you to win gift cards, steam credits, and many more.

The drawback of Mistplay:

This application does not pay cash, it’s an indirect way to generate money.

You are spending maximum time earning through games. It’s good for you to get skills and experience, and in return, you generate money.


How does this application work?


Step#1 Download this game from the Play store.


Install it on your device.


Set up your free account.


Settings need to be changed:

1) Turn off power saving mode.

2)Allow it to keep running in the background.


The formula of earning:

This is because the app will need to track your time spent on each game to reward you appropriately.

When you just complete your account creation mistplay will select a game for you and then download it and install it in the application. In this way, it will calculate your gaming time and reward you in return.

Today’s generation gets bored by playing games like bingo, strategy, and war games repeatedly. To get rid of it mistplay has a feature. the list of games is upgraded constantly so you can pick a game according to your mood

Keep in mind:

The requirements change from game to game to get mistplay in-game currency named “units.” After finishing each game, you will be able to see a list that tells you how many ” units” you have earned.

The collection of games varies from location to location.

Strictly Prohibited:

If you are caught using a VPN, they will ban you on the spot.


Why are you being paid for playing games?

The game developers pay you for the sake of feedback from you, mistplay is paid by developers by developers for the sake of advertisement, promotion, and betterment of their game, Fortunately, the user of the game gets a little part of this money.

Moreover, mistplay provides them with a lot of users and collects reviews regarding their product. How much you enjoy this game, whether you recommend it to your friends and many more benefits from mistplay.

sign up is very easy



2)Android phone

3)Free to Download

4)No real money is required to withdraw rewards

Operational areas of mistplay:



3)European countries

Procedure to start earning Rewards :

They will give you rewards as soon as you started playing

1)click the application.

2) Select the game you wish to play. A shortcut to more money:

Select the games with high rewards.

The more time you play the game, the more rewards you will earn as a player and the more rewards that are converted into “units”. These units further lead you to gift prizes and many more.

System of points:

Mistplay consists of three main point systems: units, player experience points (PXP), and game experience points (GXP).

The GXP leads you to win more units. This system is related to time spending.

The PXP system leads you to earn more levels, it’s related to experience in the game more experience more chances of earning levels

User favor:

You also earn a daily bonus,

by participating in contests, by increasing your playing duration.

Golden opportunity:

you can up to 10000 units by entering a contest or downloading a specific game

Ways to earn units faster:

GXP’S, PXP’S, contests, and bonuses are sources of units.

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 What are units:

They are the currency that you can use for gift cards and many more.

time, effort, and experience gained by playing games

Make a habit of picking games with high rewards.

A journey towards prizes: Achieve a specific number of units and easily exchange them with prizes.

List of prizes:

From Amazon, PlayStation.

From Facebook & Google Play Xbox.

Sad news:

Your prizes didn’t transfer into real money; they are always in the form of gift card prices ranging from $0.50 to $5.

Precaution to stay happy: When you start redeeming your points, make sure to use the right currency and email address when placing your transaction. You won’t be able to return a gift card after you’ve purchased it, so be sure it’s something you want.

Friendly Withdraw:

Just click on the buy and received your prize card in the mailbox.

Speedy delivery of your gift:

You will receive your desired order within 48 hours.

Pros and Cons of Mistplay

As you know, there are always pros and cons to any personal finance tool, app, game, etc.


No need for bank details.

No ads.


It’s not a full-time income but we can consider it as a side hustle

mistplay is not a scam at all it does not force you to buy anything to enhance your level

Amount keep in mind:

You will make $50 with this application per month. 1500 units = $5 card

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