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In the digital world, making money online is to much simple, People ask me HOW? So today  I will tell you about the 5 best making  money applications. If you are a student and want to earn money online ,  you must install and practice these apps to increase your revenue stream.

 Making  Money Applications

Money is one of the most important need of our stay at world. Everyone wants a relaxing and peaceful lifestyle and wants to earn a handsome amount of money in his life. But number of individuals don’t know how to make Dollars. In the present world , earning money online is very too simple , But the question is HOW? So today, I will tell you about 5 making money applications.  By using your Mobile phone now, you can earn a good amount of money and enjoy your life. If you are a student looking to make money online, you should install and use these applications to earn extra money.


Fiverr is an app to earn money by offering different online services to clients. If you have any expertise like Graphics Design, Video copy-edit, Virtual Marketing, Web Design, Application Developer, Accounts related services etc. You are hired by Fiverr easily. Which is one of the most well known Freelance marketplace. You must first sign up for a Fiverr account. Then you can make a gig and tell about skills and work that you can do for clients. Clients have access to see your gig around the globe. And hire you for  brand, you can easily make a good Amount of money.

This photograph displays the Fiverr profile as well as an example of a Fiverr Gig.

Fiverr Profile dashboard

Upwork is also very a rising  freelance marketplace , but a little bit different from Fiverr. In Upwork, clients from all over the world write their requirements, budget  and other details. And after this freelancers can bid on their job , and clients select the most appropriate option for them.

e.g, if a company is looking for a individual or group of people who can design 10 Websites for their company. If you are a Web Developer, then you have to bid on this project and tell to them about your previous projects, skills, project delivery duration and cost, you can also share your previous projects with him. If your explanation, communication skills and client pitching is good then there is a huge chance that you will win a project.

earn money apps for android

This picture will clear your concept about Upwork Jobs.


Indeed is a very famous website for Job Hiring all over the work. If you want to do some part-time job by sitting in your home , then Indeed is the marvelous website for you. A number of companies around the globe post remote jobs and night shift or day shift jobs related to different skills like business, writing & Translation, Lifestyle, Programming and Tech.

On Indeed you have to pay attention and stay active to  different jobs and shortlist which jobs are relevant for you. Next , you have to apply for those jobs by sending your CV. After reviewing your CV organization will send you an email for an online Interview. If you are selected in their interview you will be able to become their full-time or part-time employee and you will get your monthly salary. A number of students are making money by doing work on these platforms. And earning a good amount of money while sitting in their homes, hostels.



Udemy is an app for Online Earning. A number of people around the globe publish their lectures and people around the globe purchase those lecturesfor training. If you have any skills related to anything like you are a Teacher, Fitness Trainer, IT Professional, Marketing specialist, Sales specialist or Accounting specialist or any other skill. You have to to create a video lectures and publish it on Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, edX. Individuals around the globe will purchase your lectures and you will earn Dollars. It is a one-time effort to post the course, and you will receive money on each purchase.


Binance is an app for Cryptocurrency ( Blockchain ) trading. By using this app, you can make purchase and sell cryptocurrency. If you want to earn a HUGE amount of money from very little investment as low as 10$. You can start cryptocurrency trading. Just you have to be focused, dedication, stay online  and check the market  trends every time , on a daily basis there is a rise and fall in the marketplace. You have to capture those moments. When the market is down, you may buy a coin; when the market rises, you can sell that coin and profit. However, you must choose a coin intelligently. Google, Twitter, and YouTube are good places to look for currency information and trending coins. You may learn about crypto trading and secret strategies from various YouTubers and Facebook communities.

However, if you lack talent, these creating money apps will not help you. This is only possible if you have the necessary skills. So, constantly concentrate developing new talents since you can’t do anything without them. Use Google to help you gain new abilities.







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